Welcome, Alejandra-Bulla-Excellence-promociones

My name is Alejandra Bulla, director of EXCELLENCE GROUP, an Uruguayan market leader in the development of promotional activities on human capital management and event production.

Initially, the group focused more specifically in the field of perfumery and cosmetics for later diversifies into other areas for over eighteen years. Until this date we were touring a long way garnering accolades from customers and suppliers indisputable product of dedication, perseverance and a clear strategy to make this venture today a benchmark in the medium. We are proud to receive permanent recognition and support from our customers, who recognize the essential values that characterize us in every campaign commitment, ethics and reliability, representing our core principles when it comes to be the ambassadors of their services or products.

Excellence promotions was created in 1994 in response to a market need to have a profile of agencies to work in total harmony regarding marketing plans guarding the interests of their customers as their own, respecting and promoting the rights qualitatively Resources Human.

We do thank our first customers: MARILIS SA (Importer Carolina Herrera, Chanel, First, Sthendall, among others) and QUINTALICO SA (Former importer of Chivas Regal, 100 Piper’s among others), who placed their confidence in our work, opening the doors of their businesses, to develop successful campaigns that generate visibility in the market and thus show our full professional potential.

After having traveled and traveled to different countries in Europe, the company was able to enrich and nurture of the latest trends in countries like England, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain, creating the Department of organizing events and business conferences. This experience allowed for successful launches for L’Oreal Professionel and Kerastase; Laboratories Celsius; Chery Socma with the launch in Punta del Este of their trucks Tiggo 2.0 for Latin America, Canal France 24 launch in Latin America made the residence of the Ambassador of France, between others. Importantly architectural development and overall management of the commercial for the company Termolar do Brasil (2006), located in the middle peninsula of Punta del Este in Fashion Road, conveniently located from the point of view of marketing to promote the brand in front of a international audience. Currently the agency is the winner of the tender by State Uruguayan Air Force – on the occasion of its centenary – to provide the necessary human capital in all events and ceremonies planned in 2013 and which involved the highest government authorities and diplomatic country.

The constant search for growth and motivation leads EXCELLENCE GROUP to new challenges and to develop new business units. For this reason, we are working actively with Lic. Pierre Palenzuela in positioning Excellence Tourism www.turismoexcellence.com as tourist agency specializing in selective clientele looking for personalized and exclusive products.

Uruguay is a beautiful country with a vigorous and growing tourism industry, in which there is a market segment comprised of a very exclusive clientele traveling for business or pleasure. This market requires very personalized attention “to fit your needs” selective and demanding compliance with demands. Tourism Excellence participated in several trade fairs worldwide trying to generate visibility of this beautiful country, highlighting the level of benefits that our agency can offer locally.

EXCELLENCE GROUP organizes congresses, conventions, launches and selective activation of products, carefully choosing its staff to develop your campaigns. Provides turn solutions tourism in Uruguay through www.turismoexcellence.com Travel agency, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Uruguay. We provide a comprehensive solution to your organization and we are at your disposal.

Alejandra Bulla, Director of EXCELLENCE GROUP.